New story published

Very exciting news yesterday with confirmation that Libertine has published my short story Pieces of You.


You can read the story on their website.


If you’ve not had a look at Libertine (either online or in print) then I would urge everyone to do so. It’s a brand new quarterly magazine ‘for interested women’. The printed magazine is a thing of beauty with additional material appearing online on a regular basis. Its features are thoughtful and thought-provoking. Issue one included articles on whisky, biotechnology and Esperanto. I hyperventilated a little bit when I came across the investment section featuring a series of stunning fountain pens.  


It’s unashamedly not like any other women’s magazine I’ve ever come across - you won't find '23 ways to get that beach body' or 'how do you know he's really into you' within these pages. And best of all – it’s supporting new writing both online and in print.