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Just in case you’ve been busy this past week and missed the news, the second edition of my new, co-edited art and literary magazine is now available online. If you’ve not looked yet, please do – we have some incredibly creative people taking a chance with us.


Because this is a two-way thing. As a writer myself I am always looking for opportunities to get published and there are some brilliant magazines – both print and digital – sharing amazing work out there. Our magazine is barely six months old and we’re being sent some stunning work from artists from around the world. All of them trusting us to provide a loving home for their work.


This is some responsibility, because choosing that work is incredibly hard. Luckily, I have a partner in this process and the real beauty of doing this together is that we’re creating a magazine that is greater than the sum of our parts.


It’s also a really subjective process. Writers get told ‘it wasn’t quite for us’ all the time – I suspect anyone creative does – and it can be a bit like British rain in June. You know it's going to happen, but it’s still irritating. It has given me a new appreciation for all the other editors, literary agents and publishers out there.


But, more importantly, it is reminding me that rejection is all part of this process and that while I might feel as though I’m sending out tiny slivers of my soul for thorough inspection, to the person reading it is simply a piece of work that either clicks with them, or it doesn’t. They will either love it and want it, or I will need to keep looking for someone who does.


Either way, the more I start to see this as a professional transaction than soul inspection, the easier the rejections will hopefully become. And in the meantime, I always have my bottle of Writers Tears whiskey to keep me company.


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There are two ways to enjoy all the sins: either follow our alphabetical list of artists, or, once you’ve chosen your first link, hit the ‘try this’ button at the end for a pleasant tumble down the artistic rabbit hole.