Composing quintudes

Composing quintudes

This year I am taking part in an incredible project to mark the end of the First World War. The 26 Armistice project will see 100 writers writing 100 centenas to commemorate the myriad ways in which the 'war to end all war' affected life. To get in the mood, a few of us met at the Imperial War Museum in late March to visit the First World War exhibition and try our hand at shorter quintude.

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Looking for kindness

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Posted by : Lisa

Posted by : Lisa

These are emotionally-charged times and the desire to rage against the Trump/Brexit machinery is strong. Trump says he will be a president for all Americans, but the mass protests suggest otherwise. So what can I do to stop my incessant cycle of grumpiness?

Welcome to The Great Puzzle

My name is Lisa Davison. It's also Lisa Andrews - because we are never just one thing at one time, and I'm terrible with choice. I've been a journalist and editor for the past 20 years, writing features on everything from how to be the perfect tamagotchi parent - Remember them? No? You missed out - to how an energy company steered a course through the banking crisis.


I was also an entertainment and film journo for Heat magazine and My expert knowledge on celebrity sex lives is so last century, but I do still hold the dubious distinction of being the only person to write anything positive enough about Battlefield Earth for it to end up on the DVD cover.*


In 2016, I set up the digital literary and arts magazine all the sins with my co-editor Sinéad Keegan.


The Great Puzzle started out as a place for me to waffle on about reading, writing and my unhealthy fascination with paper. Now, it's starting to become a place where I waffle on about, well, anything, really. I can't promise that the weird posts about my obsession with paper will stop, though. You can find out more about what I do on the cunningly-titled About page. Thanks for falling down the rabbit hole with me...


* The quote was 'fantastic special effects'. 

Alice And Curtain Final


A word from the wise:

'The first draft is just you telling yourself the story.' Terry Pratchet


This week I am mostly reading:

Connect: how companies succeed by engaging radically with society - John Browne, Robin Nuttall, Tommy Stadlen