My name is Lisa Davison. It's also Lisa Andrews - because we are never just one thing at one time, and I'm terrible with choice.


I've been a journalist and editor for the past 20 years, writing features on everything from how to be the perfect tamagotchi parent - Remember them? No? You missed out - to how an energy company steered a course through the banking crisis. I was also an entertainment and film journo for Heat magazine and popcorn.co.uk. My expert knowledge on celebrity sex lives is so last century, but I do still hold the dubious distinction of being the only person to write anything positive enough about Battlefield Earth for it to end up on the DVD cover.*


I've had the enormous good fortune to travel all over the world through work and family, and while my heart will always be in London, my head regularly finds itself wishing it were in Hong Kong or Japan.


I'm currently writing my second** novel set in the Blitz and have had short stories published in Ripple 2012 (Kingston University's annual student anthology), The A3 Review and The Seethingographer. In 2012, I made the top 50 of the Mslexia women's short story competition and in 2015, I was shortlisted for the Bare Fiction Prize for flash fiction. I also have an MA in Creative Writing from Kingston University.


In 2016, I set up the digital literary and arts magazine all the sins with my co-editor Sinéad Keegan.


I am also a massive photography nut, a lifelong Toffees fan, rubbish cook, excellent wine pourer and mad cat lady.


If none of that puts you off, then you can follow me on Twitter @LisaJaneDavison for all bookish/creative writing waffle, or @curiouswriterLA for more journo/editor type stuff. I have been known to steal my own tweets. If you're really nosy and want to find out more about the sort of work I do, then I also have a LinkedIn page.


Thanks for visiting the blog.




*The quote was 'fantastic special effects'

**I wrote my first at the age of seven. It was called The Magic Key and is still waiting for an ending. 

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